Permit Fees are increasing January 1, 2016

Permit Fee Schedule A - revised Jan 2016 (10.8 KB)


Utility Permit:

Utility permits are required for work proposed in the County Highway right of ways. Work that requires this permit includes installation and repair of telephone cables, power lines, gas lines, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water mains, ditch grading, culvert installation, etc.

Utility User Manual (3263 KB)

Utility Clearance and Required Depths (16 KB)

Olmsted County Public Works ePermitting

Access permit:

Access permits are required for any changes proposed to driveway access along County Highways. The following proposed work requires this permit: new driveway construction, including field driveways, residential driveways, commercial driveways, and public street access. Proposed driveway widening also requires this permit.

Application Permit for Access (108 KB)

Oversize/Overweight Vehicle permit:

Olmsted County Requires Permits on All County Highways.

Legal Dimension Limits - A permit for movement is required if the load and/or the vehicle exceed the statutory legal dimensions.  The overall legal width is 8'6".  The overall legal height is 13'6".  The overall legal length is as follows:  single motor vehicle is 45 feet; mobile truck crane is 48 feet; semitrailer is 53 feet; with a king pin setting of 43 feet or less; and single trailer, including tow bar is 45 feet.  A trailer is limited to 45 feet long with 75 feet as the maximum overall length of the truck trailer combination.

Legal Gross Weight Limit - The gross weight on any one axle shall not exceed 18,000 lbs. on 9 Ton Routes, nor 20,000 lbs. on 10 Ton Designated Routes.  No tandem axle group shall exceed 34,000 lbs. on all routes.  A single axle is defined by law as including all wheels whose center may be within 40 inches apart.  Wheel load may not exceed 600 lbs. per inch width of tire nor the manufacturer's recommended load, whichever is less.  The maximum total gross weight on all axles may not exceed 73,280 on 5 axle combination except on all interstate and 10 Ton Designated routes where 5 axle combination may not exceed 80,000 lbs.  A 6 axle combination of vehicle may not exceed a total gross weight of 80,000 lbs. on all routes.

Olmsted County Public Works ePermitting

Please call County Public Works at 507 328-7060 with any permit questions