The Olmsted County Highway Division would like to remind residents that it is Unlawful to perform any work or prohibited actions within an Olmsted County Highway Right of Way without prior approval from the Olmsted County Highway Division.  Under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 160.2715, it is a misdemeanor to perform unauthorized work within the Right of Way.

Prohibited actions within a County Right of Way include the following: depositing snow, plowing, erecting a fence, installing posts or flags, erecting driveway headwalls, digging holes, removing earth, removing gravel or rock, obstructing ditch drainage, placing or maintaining any building, placing unauthorized advertisements, as well as any other unauthorized activity.

Unauthorized obstructions placed within the Right of Way of a County Highway can pose a safety threat to motorists and for users of the ditch.  The person responsible for installing unauthorized obstructions may also be liable in a civil lawsuit if damages or injuries occur as a result of this action.

The Olmsted County Highway Division is concerned about public safety and is requesting residents not to perform any work within a County Right Of Way without prior written approval.