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Projects on Olmsted County Roads

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Olmsted County 2019 Construction Projects 

Map of contruction projects

 Olmsted County 2019 Construction Projects (818 KB)

County State Aid Highway (CSAH)

County Road (CR) 

2019 Construction Projects

CSAH 5 Extension Phase II - New Grade & Concrete Surfacing

Description:  New Alignment/Grade and Surface with new river crossing from 85th Street NW to CSAH 31

Construction Dates:  July 3, 2020 completion date  

Traffic Impacts:  No detour​

CSAH 9 - New Grade & Concrete Surfacing

Construction Dates:  Fall 2020 completion date  

Traffic Impacts:  Detour placed for construction of roundabout

CSAH 9 Public Notice and Opportunity for Comment (16 KB)
De Minimis Preliminary Determination Request (11 MB)

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Joint Projects

CSAH 35 (Stewartville) - Utility Reconstruct & Bituminous Surface 

Construction Dates:  September 24, 2019 - November 1, 2019

Traffic Impacts:  Detour to be placed for utility work

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