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Projects on Olmsted County Roads

Look here for traffic detours, maps, contacts and other background information about construction projects

Note: This is Olmsted County's best available information on current construction projects


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55th Street Extension

Description: New Construction from CR 133 to CSAH 33 (Broadway North) and reconstruction of CSAH 33 from 37th Street to just north of CR 124

Construction Dates: Fall of 2015 through Summer of 2017

Traffic Impacts: Multiple closures throughout the project

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Description: Reconstruction from Technology Dr. N.W. to CR 104

Construction Dates: Open to traffic November 15, 2015, full completion Spring 2016

Traffic Impacts: Lane closures will occur to complete bike/pedestrian trails and final turf establishment

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CSAH 16/TH 63 Airport Interchange

Description: New bridge over TH 63, new approach ramps with roundabouts

Construction Dates: Summer of 2015 to Summer of 2016

Traffic Impacts: Will remain open to traffic with construction of temporary by-pass

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