What is Direct Supervision?


Direct Supervision is a philosophy of behavior management supported by physical surroundings.  Direct Supervision has gained rapid acceptance in the past 30 years across the nation. Detention facilities that employ "Direct Supervision" have drastically lower rates of assaults, extortion and lawsuits than traditional inmate management systems. In addition, "Direct Supervision" allows for less expensive construction of facilities due to improved behavior of detainees.

In the "Direct Supervision" model a Detention Deputy is continually supervising the detainees through a system of rewards and consequences. The Deputy works within the housing unit and is in direct contact with the detainees. This style manages behavior positively. Positive expectations of conduct is evident in the physical design of the facility. Deviation from expected behavior results in progressive discipline.

The "Direct Supervision" management model has been proven to be superior to other management styles.

  • Vandalism is almost eliminated
  • The facility is cleaner
  • Noise level is low
  • Detainee assaults on both detainees and staff are significantly reduced
  • Detainee behavior is positive
  • Staff is more responsive and confident
  • Detainees respond to staff direction
  • Stress on staff and detainees is reduced resulting in fewer behavior problems