About the Adult Detention Center


The Olmsted County Sheriff is responsible for the detention of adult prisoners including pre-sentenced, sentenced, boarders, and work release. Staff is also responsible for court security.   

The adult detention center (ADC) is located in the Olmsted County Government Center located at 101 4th Street SE, Rochester Minnesota 55904-3719. The telephone number is 507 328-6790.

The ADC is a direct supervision facility with a rated capacity of 202 beds for males and females. The ADC will house detainees for the other federal, state and county agencies when space is available.

The ADC offers educational, recreational and religious programming for detainees. The maximum-security facility opened in 1993 with 100 beds, expanded to 112 beds in 1994, 126 beds in 1996, 138 beds in 1999, 148 beds in 2001 and 202 beds in 2005. The WRF opened in 2003 and houses detainees that have work release privileges, sentenced to service, and minimum security detainees. 

The facilities are operated by a chief deputy, 2 captains and 80 detention deputies.  In addition, there are 55 community volunteers that provide education, counseling, library and religious services. Foodservice, vending, detainee phones, and health care are contracted services.  A mental health team manages detainees that present challenges due to illness.  Rochester public schools provides teachers for Adult Basic Education and GED classes. There is a citizen-based program advisory committee that meets to determine current population needs and gives citizen perspective on operations.

The adult detention center has a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse and harassment. If you are aware of any detainee that is experiencing or has experienced sexual abuse or harassment please use any of the following methods to report:

  1. Contact the chief deputy during business hours at 507 328-6837.

  2. Contact the on-duty supervisor any time at 507 328-6790.

  3. Contact law enforcement dispatch any time at 507 328-6800.

  4. Contact Olmsted County Victim Services crisis line any time at 507 289-0636.  

 All potential criminal allegations of sexual assault or abuse are referred to the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division.