Violent Crime Enforcement Team - SEMVCET


The Southeast Minnesota Violent Crime Enforcement Team (SEMVCET) is a multi-jurisdictional narcotics and violent crime unit that shares the common goal of disrupting/destroying illegal drug, gang activity and violent crimes in Southeast Minnesota. The benefit of a multi-jurisdictional task force is that it allows law enforcement agencies in different jurisdictions to work together as a single enforcement entity with the ability to share intelligence and coordinate enforcement activities.  The formation of the SEMVCET has allowed more efficient use of resources and targeting of offenders whose activities cross jurisdictional boundaries.

Currently, the SEMVCET is comprised of the following agencies who work together in a cooperative effort:

Dodge County Sheriff Office, Fillmore County Sheriff Office,  Goodhue County Sheriff Office, Houston County Sheriff OfficeMower County Sheriff Office,Olmsted County Sheriff Office ,Wabasha County Sheriff Office, Winona County Sheriff Office, Austin Police Department, Kasson Police Department,Lake City Police Department, Plainview Police Department,Red Wing Police Department, Rochester Police Department, Winona Police Department.


National Drug Intelligence Center - DEA / FBI / ATF / ICE (Immigration) - Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension(BCA) - National Institute of Drug Abuse - Free Vibe (Youth Anti-drug campaign) - Addiction Center - cocaine - - DrugRehab -

Drug Information

Cocaine | Marijuana|Heroin
Mushrooms | Methamphetamine
Ecstasy | Crack
Prescription Drugs | Khat
Hashish|Club DrugsInhalants

Drug Tip Line: 888 345-0131



SouthEast Minnesota
Violent Crime Enforcement Team


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