Lake Zumbro Status


Olmsted County Resolution #94-109 regulates the surface use of Lake Zumbro and allows Olmsted County to regulate watercraft speeds during times when the water level is at a level which is hazardous to property and public safety.

The "Slow, No Wake" status is enacted when the water level reaches 915.6.

The "Slow, No Wake" status is terminated when the water level drops to 915.3.

Real-time lake level information is available on the Rochester Public Utilities web site.

Use Caution Advisory

As of May 10, 2011, the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office is advising all users of Lake Zumbro to be cautious while on the lake.  Please, slow down as water depths have changed.


Lake Zumbro has changed since the flood in September 2010.  Users will find that water depths and channels have changed.  Specifically, there is now a large silt bar near Fisherman’s Inn.  As of May 7, 2011 the water depth at the highest point of this silt bar was only 2.5 feet below the water’s surface.  Users of the lake, especially water-skiers, need to familiarize themselves with the new water depths. 


At this time, it is unknown how the water levels will rise and/or fall as the Oronoco Dam is no longer in use.  Underwater hazards may also exist due to the power of the flood waters.  Various debris can be lying just under the surface of the water that can cause damage or injuries to users of the lake.


The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office highly encourages all users of Lake Zumbro to familiarize  themselves with the new water depths.  Slowing down and learning the new layout of the lake will allow everyone that enjoys the water a safe boating season.

Cedar Beach

South of Fisherman's Inn Area

Fisherman's Inn Area

Hidden Cove

Ruschs Bay

Sandy Point Boat Landing Closure: 

Due to the flooding last Fall's flooding, the boat landing at Sandy Point is closed.  A large deposit of silt was left in front of the landing making the landing nearly un-accessible for launching or landing watercraft.  For safety reasons, the decision to close the access was made by the Sheriff's Office and Olmsted County Parks.  At this time, it is unknown when the access will be re-opened.

Tips for Safe Boating

  • Wear personal flotation devices (PFD's).
  • Watch the weather.
  • Be aware of changing water levels and conditions that would expose logs, snags or cause floating debris.
  • Be cautious when boating in the vicinity of the dam.
  • Do not proceed past the warning signs and buoys.
  • Tell someone where you are going, who is with you, and how long you will be away.
  • Avoid standing, and when changing seats, stay low and near the center line of your boat.
  • Be ready for trouble when a powerboat passes you in a narrow channel.
  • Maintain a safe operating speed.

For more information on Lake Zumbro, visit the Lake Zumbro Improvement Association.

Lake Zumbro Improvement District