Water Patrol


The Water Patrol is coordinated under the direction of the Training Division and is staffed by Reserve Deputies. 

The goal of the Water Patrol is to educate and enforce safe boating practices on all waterways in Olmsted County. The Water Patrol is responsible for inspections of rental watercrafts in the County. The Water Patrol trains with the DIVE Team and would assist in an emergency situation.

Lake Zumbro provides a unique situation as the lake is in Olmsted and Wabasha Counties. The Wabasha County Sheriff's Office has authorized the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office the jurisdiction to patrol and maintain the safety on Lake Zumbro.

Lake Zumbro Status

Olmsted County Resolution #94-109 regulates the surface use of Lake Zumbro and allows Olmsted County to regulate watercraft speeds during times when the water level is at a level that is hazardous to property and public safety.

  • The "Slow, No Wake" status is enacted when the water level reaches 915.6.

  • The "Slow, No Wake" status is terminated when the water level drops to 915.3.

Real-time lake level information is available on the Rochester Public Utilities web site.

The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office highly encourages all users of Lake Zumbro to familiarize themselves with the lake's water depths and structure. Slowing down and knowing the layout of the lake will allow everyone that enjoys the water to be safe.

For more information on Lake Zumbro, visit the Lake Zumbro Improvement Association.

Water Patrol Funding

The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office Water Patrol receives grant funding from the State of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to aid in our water patrol enforcement and safety activities. In addition, Olmsted County contributes funding to assist in maintaining the Water Patrol operation.

Grant Program Information

Grant Name:  State Boat & Water Safety Grant to MN Counties

Project Manager:  County Sheriff

Type:   Legislatively-directed appropriation

Purpose:  Preventing or reducing boating accidents & drownings and making Minnesota’s waters safe & enjoyable.  This includes boating law enforcement, aids to navigations, response to & investigation of boating accidents/drownings, search, rescue & recovery operations, permitting of events & temporary structures and rental boat inspections.

Recent Grants to Olmsted County

2019 Grant:

MN DNR Allocated: $8,030

Grant Period: January 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Federal Grant Allocated: $5,125

Grant Period: June 1, 2019 - October 31, 2019

County levy for 2019: $10,500

Amounted Expended and Invoiced as of December 30, 2019: TBD

Amount Expended and Invoiced to date: TBD