National Night Out



Join your neighbors for  

National Night Out on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Start planning your neighborhood event. The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce another year of participation in Night to Unite/National Night Out on August 1, 2018! Let's make this one of the best years for public turn-out.

National Night Out and Night to Unite are events dedicated to getting to know the neighbors you do not know and reunite you with those you have not spent much time with lately.  Without you or your neighbors, police and sheriff agencies across the nation would not be as successful in the continuous battle on crime!  Take back the night from criminals - come out and join the party!

If you are interested in planning and/or hosting a National Night Out/Night to Unite event, please register your event!  If you reside in Olmsted County, but not in the city limits of Rochester, you may register your event by calling the Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention, 507 328-6777.  When you register your event, we will make our best effort to have a uniformed deputy stop by at your party!  Most times, the Deputies will have items to hand out to kids and sometimes the stuff is so cool, even the adults want some!

National Night Out and Night to Unite events do qualify for a neighborhood meeting for Neighborhood Watch.  So, if you have an established Neighborhood Watch group already, what a perfect way to get two birds with one stone!  If you have been thinking of starting a Neighborhood Watch, National Night Out and Night to Unite is a perfect way to start!  National Night Out and Night to Unite events can be as simple as a gathering with cookies and punch, ice cream social or to a full-out buffet pot-luck!  Some groups in the past have had speakers present safety or environmental tips at their events.  The possibilities are endless!  Since this night is really about promoting safety, the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office recommends no alcohol be served at these events.