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Crime Free Multi-Housing

The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office encourages owners and/or managers of rental property to participate in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.  The Olmsted County/Rochester Crime Free Multi-Housing Program instructs property owners and managers how to keep illegal activity off their property. This, in turn, creates a more stable community and neighborhood, benefiting renters as well as property owners.

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program delivers two important messages:

Effective property management can have a major impact on the health of a community. There are accessible, legitimate techniques that can be used to prevent or stop the spread of illegal activity on rental property.

The program teaches property managers their responsibilities in working with the police and neighbors to keep drugs and other illegal activity out of their rental properties.

The next Crime Free Multi-Housing class is scheduled for Saturday, April 8, 2017 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Registrations are due by 4:00 p.m. on March 27, 2017.  Please click the link below and print your registration form.  DO NOT forget to let your City Hall know you are signing up for the class as you may be eligible for a rental license reimbursement.

        Registration form.pdf (97 KB)

The Course Content includes:               

Rental Agreements - Approaches that will strengthen the ability to evict drug house tenants; use of Crime Free Lease Addendum.

Ongoing Management - How to manage property in a way that discourages illegal behavior and ensures early warning should it occur; how to build an apartment community, within multi-family complexes.

Warning Signs of Illegal activity - Identifying drugs and clandestine labs; understanding the behavior associated with dealing, distribution, and growing. Also includes an overview of local gang activity, graffiti, and warning signs.

Eviction - The options, process, the practical application in various legal situations.

Working with the Police - What to expect, what not to expect, how to get maximum cooperation; an introduction to community policing.

Section 8 (Subsidized Housing) - The rights and responsibilities are different from the typical private rental situation. The training gives additional information for preventing illegal activity with tenants whose rent is subsidized.

Working with the Fire Department - Maintaining life safety and fire awareness.

Excerpts from "Crime Free Multi-Housing Program - Program/Instructor' Guidebook"

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