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March 5, 2020

On March 4th, 2020, Olmsted County Sheriff's Office deputies and the Pine Island Fire Department were sent to Lake Zumbro (12000 block of Sunset Bay Road NE) for a water rescue.

A 61-year old female was in a kayak attempting to rescue her dog, when the kayak began to take on water and started sinking. As a result, the female fell into the frigid water and was unable to extract herself.

Two, nearby ice fishermen, ages 67 and 68 respectively, saw the female in the water and attempted to come to her rescue using a Wilcraft self-propelled vehicle. As the fishermen attempted the rescue of the female, the Wilcraft vehicle began to sink into open water. At this point, the fishermen also went into the water.

Upon the arrival of the Pine Island Fire Department, the volunteer fire personnel donned protective water rescue clothing and rescued the three people and the dog.

The female was transported to St. Marys Hospital by Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service due to her exposure to the cold water (approximately 20-25 minutes).

The fishermen were evaluated at the scene by medical personnel and they declined any further medical attention.

The dog was provided care by a neighbor of the female.

The Sheriff's Office is advising all people to simply stay off the ice unless you are 100% certain the ice is thick enough to support you. With our recent span of warm temperatures and a forecast of continued warmth, the ice will quickly dissipate making it unsafe for travel.


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