Emergency Preparedness


Valuable Tips for a Minnesota Winter

Little things do matter.

Minnesota winter is just around the corner. Getting ready for winter doesn’t always take a lot of work. Sometimes it’s just a few little things that can make the difference between safety and suffering: having a survival kit in your car, changing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector, staying well-hydrated during outdoor fun.

To help you get ready, there is 'A Preparedness Guide' with valuable information such as:

  • Get a NOAA weather radio from Wal-Mart, Fleet Fam and other like stores. Generally cost $25-$30 and should have a battery backup good for year round Hazardous Weather information even when the power is out. (See page 9)
  • Develop a Family Disaster Plan (See page 12)
  • Winter Survival Kit for vehicle (See page 10)
  • Be aware of wind-chill concerns (See chart on page 5)
  • What to do if involved in a winter accident (See page 11)
  • Be aware of ice thickness on lakes and streams especially early winter and later in the spring

Emergency preparedness in Olmsted County


Emergency preparedness in Olmsted County works with community partners to maximize the capability of the county to respond to and recover from disasters occurring throughout the county, and plans for and coordinates a countywide program of emergency management that will save lives and protect property in the event of an emergency.  Emergency Preparedness managers and coordinators are responsible for the development of plans and programs to maintain a state of readiness to meet natural, man-made, and technological disasters on a local or countywide basis. It also coordinates and maintains inventories of disaster resources in the county, both public and private, as well as plans for the effective utilization of resources in the county and works closely with local emergency management offices in SE Minnesota.