Managing For Results


The Managing for Results Yearly report provides the County Board, Administrator, and staff with comprehensive executive level information to evaluate the progress of County programs and activities.

The information contained in this report provides an organization-wide snapshot of progress the County is making towards achieving its Vision: A dynamic, world class County delivering excellence every day. The County has chosen the Balanced Scorecard framework for identifying, managing and reporting on results, achievements, and challenges around strategic priorities.

The report is organized by the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard:

  • Build the Community (Stakeholder/Customer)
  • Manage the Resources (Financial)
  • Run the Business (Internal Business Processes)
  • Develop the Employees (Learning and Growth)

Data is provided on different performance measures within each perspective.

Some of the performance measures included in the County-wide Report do not lend themselves easily to statistical measurement. Where that may be the case, trend data, approximate measures, or a written description will be provided. The County-wide Managing for Results Report is not intended to report on every operational achievement and measure in the organization. It is a high-level review of the strategic priorities. Each department within the County, when they report to the Board, provides data/information at a more detailed, program level.