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March 01, 2015 09:03 AM CST
Picture: Dr. Lyle Weed M.D.

2015 Live for Others - Healthy Community Award

The Live for Others-Healthy Community award is an annual award given out by Olmsted County Public Health to a person or group who has made a positive i...

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Picture-Doctor holding the words Vaccination

Vaccine best preventive measure for highly contagious measles

Written by Pete Giesen, Director of Olmsted County Public Health Services, Dr. Robert Jacobson, Mayo Clinic Physician, and Shelli DeGeus, Infection Pre...

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Picture-Percent Sign, Dollar Sign, and Calculator

Local Sales and Use Tax

On July 23, 2013, the County Board imposed a ¼% transit sales tax pursuant to Minnesota Statute Section 297A in order to raise money needed for the Cou...

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Graphic: Planning 2 Succeed Logo

Planning 2 Succeed - Crowdgauge

The Rochester-Olmsted Planning Department is updating Rochester’s Comprehensive Plan through a process called “Planning 2 Succeed”, or P2S. Our community is growing, and the changes that come with that growth present both opportunities and challenges. Long-range planning enables a communit...

Picture: MN State Capitol Building

Restoration of the Minnesota Capitol Building

Minnesota’s Capitol building is under construction. This 27 minute video details the changes occurring in our state’s Capitol with the massive restoration project underway currently on the building. It is important that citizens planning to go to the Capitol during the 2015 or 2016 session...

Volunteer word by American Flag

Volunteers needed to serve on boards & committees

Olmsted County is actively seeking citizens to serve on boards, committees, and commissions. Several positions are currently open. Learn what's available and apply for a position.

Newspaper Ad for Jobs

Current Job Openings

97 percent of our staff say they are proud to work for Olmsted County! Become part of the team. Check out the current job openings.

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